Your Complete Plastic Card Service Provider

Today’s consumers demand customisation. They choose to do business with providers who understand their personal preferences and deliver customised solutions. Cardpro is the technology solutions provider on a number of key markets areas. At the heart of the company is the provision of secure end to end plastic card solutions for the financial, identity and retail sectors. Some of Cardpro’s offerings include Smart-Card (incl. GSM) solutions, EMV and COPAC solutions, Identification solutions, Loyalty solutions, and Financial Card Personalisation solutions. With manufacturing operations based in Harare, Cardpro is logistically positioned to service the surrounding COMESA region.

The Design House

Your plastic card is a vital marketing tool to represent the front line image of your business. Notice soon as your card, is used other people will be looking at it, judging it and since most of us will judge thing by what we see (consciously or unconsciously), it is imperative that your primary marketing tools portray professionalism and high quality. Moreover, effort put towards your plastic card design.This will give your clients a sense of how much attention is brought to your products and services .And how serious you are about what you do. Our creative team is professional and able to take on high visual designs meeting all your plastic card requirements.

One-Shot Digital Printing

The HP Indigo press s2000 is a sheet-fed digital offset color press that incorporates the patented HP ElectroInk liquid ink technology and high-speed electronic imaging to produce fully-finished, high-quality color printing jobs. Using the HP Indigo press s2000 enables us to print on a variety of substrates that are both thicker and stiffer than paper.

Prompt and technological leadership allows art-to-proof the time period of approximately one hour. Alterations can be made to your original design at the click of one button, ensuring your complete satisfaction before production. High speed single shot printing capabilities let you choose the quantities and requirements you need to suit your organisation. Our team is available to assist with data preparation and card personalisation. Data can be prepared, optimised and printed for many sectors.

In-House Plastic Cards

Consider all the plastic cards that you carry in your wallet. You rely on these cards to make purchases and withdraw funds, prove your identity and enter restricted facilities, place phone calls and access medical care, and the list goes on. As smart card, biometric and other new technologies evolve, the power and prevalence of plastic cards will grow. No matter what industry you’re in finance, retail, banking, education, health care, government, insurance or telecommunications these changes present new opportunities for your organisation.