About CardPro - History

In 1994 the Sinclair family secured the Datacard Distributorship for Zimbabwe and the surrounding regions. Cardpro was born in the year 2000 from a desire by the Sinclair family to see their current I.T. company expand into the plastic card manufacturing and personalisation market. The company has more than thirty five years of experience in the I.T. industry and has a record low staff turnover demonstrating that the company is considered more as a family.

Upon identifying the need to expand, Cardpro partnered with a number of local financial institutions to establish a card manufacturing plant in Zimbabwe. By importing capital machinery into Zimbabwe and now with the additional support of a 200KVA generator, the company is able to manufacture plastic cards for a variety of uses. The technology utilised enables Cardpro to personalise your plastic cards in-line, offering an incredible lead time with superior product quality. In 2003, Cardpro was able to repay the capital loan received from the financial institutions in full.

Cardpro provided the first COPAC solution conjunction with Datacard and was the first to deliver a Datacard MX2000 to a customer in Africa. In 2008 Cardpro combined their abilities with Printworks to overcome the economic crisis in Zimbabwe and although they remained as two different entities they did complement each other and survive the crisis. During 2011, new machinery was purchased and there was growth in the Cardpro staff compliment as well as our product range and this required us to relocate to a larger premises in January of 2012.

Over the past twelve years, Cardpro has been able to establish a solid network of top quality suppliers worldwide as well as a customer base not only in Zimbabwe but throughout the region.